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Boxwood from Edelweiss Nursery

Boxwood from Edelweiss Nursery

I was up in Duluth, MN this weekend and I visited Edelweiss Nursery.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Josef & Debbie Braeu are great people.
It was raining pretty good and Debbie had umbrellas for us to use while we walked around.  I liked this nursery better than any other bonsai nursery I have ever been to.  No it is not a bonsai nursery alone but they had a great selection of trees.  There was no guy smoking a cigar in my face bragging about stuff I did not want to hear when all I wanted to do was look around.  These two people were amazing.  If I had questions they were there to answer them.

I picked this boxwood out of all the trees I wanted for what I thought was a steal of a deal.

Dave Severson is the guy that has done the work on this tree. He lives in Duluth, MN. He does yard tree sculpting and individual bonsai instruction. I was given his card and told to email him with any questions. I have done just that. I asked what kind of boxwood this is, what he was planning on doing to this tree and what the story is on this tree.

Here is his response to that email:

I am delighted that some one of your interest level has gotten this tree.
I started working on it probably 4 years ago. It came from Edelweiss originally. One of Joe’s landscape recovery retrievals.
Kind of Boxwood…I do not know.
When I first saw it I was impressed with its root spread and multi trunk configuration. I had it in a mica pot for a couple of years but decided in the spring of 2010 to put it in a grow box. I then stabilized it in my back yard for a year before bringing it back to Edelweiss.
It has been sitting in the shade for the summer so in my opinion not optimal light.
I would suggest removing it from the box next spring and checking on root development.

I have since been told that it is a Buxus Microphylla, Japanese Boxwood.

This tree stands about 15 inches from the soil and is about 22 inches wide, and if my measuring is anywhere near accurate this is what I got for the rest of it.  I am sure I am off a bit.
2 3/4 inch base flare
1 1/4 inch left trunk
1 1/2 inch right trunk
3 1/4 inch trunks measured right below the lowest branches.

You can also follow along with this tree over at MN Bonsai Forums at this link.  Boxwood from Edelweiss Nursery

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